The Cosmic Particle Telescope, short CPT-SCOPE, is an international student project involving students from Norway and Germany. We are constructing a low-cost, small size, fully operational radiation monitor which will be able to detect and study energetic sub-atomic particles. We demonstrate the readiness of new radiation-hard integrated circuit technology for space and near space application.

Our project will participate in the BEXUS 20 campaign in October 2015. We will launch our instrument, together with other European student teams, on a stratospheric balloon. The balloon will fly from the Estranged Space Center (SSC) in Kiruna, northern Sweden.

Secondary School Program

  • Posted on: 15 June 2015
  • By: anton

The CPTSCOPE team has developed a program for school children. It aims at motivating students to study natural sciences and of course especially space technology.

Our school program is based on the Norwegian science curriculum. We present our current activities and explain new developments in Norwegian space research and the work of ESA.The program also challenges students through practical exercises allowing them to solve realistic problems given them unique handson experience.