The CPT-SCOPE is an international student project involving students from Norway and Germany.

Our team members come from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway, the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) and the Beuth Hochschule für Berlin (BHTB), Germany.

We have a number of international industrial, technological and scientific partners including companies and institutions from Norway, Germany, USA, Switzerland and France.

Meet the CPT SCOPE Team


Timo Julian
Timo Stein
Team Leader
Julian Petrasch
Deputy Team Leader


Timo received a B.Sc. in Physics from FU Berlin (2010) and currently studies towards a M.Sc. in Physics at NTNU Trondheim with specialisation in astroparticle physics and space instrumentation. He has previously worked in the USA, the UK, Germany and Norway on space­related projects. Julian currently studies towards a B.Sc. in Computer Science at FU Berlin. Previously, he conducted the OSSI­project (Observation System for Stratospheric Investigations) which carried out remote sensing using a stratospheric balloon. He has expertise in software and mechanical engineering.


Anton Patrick
Anton Walter
Patrick Schönberg
Mechanics, Thermal
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Anton currently studies in a cooperative study program with Siemens AG towards both a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering at BHT Berlin and a completed apprenticeship as industrial mechanic. Patrick is currently taking his B.Sc at the Beuth Hochschule in Berlin. He studies mechanical engineering and focuses specifically on mechanics and thermal testing.
Lucas Kempe
Testing, Instrumentation
Lucas is currently taking his B.Sc in aerospace engeneering form the Technische Hochschule Berlin. For the CPT-SCOPE he focuses on our instrumentation and testing.

PR and Outreach

Michael Grunde
Michael Beermann
Head PR, Outreach
Grunde Wesenberg
PR, Outreach
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Michael is currently taking a M.Sc. at NTNU in biotechnology and didactics. He comes from an international background with German and American roots and is fluent in German, English and Norwegian. He has experience in PR through volunteer work as a PR manager for Trondheim ́s student society. He has a passion for education and teaching. Grunde finished his M. Sc. in theoretical particle physics june 2014, and is now studying didactics at NTNU to qualify as a teacher. He has a passion for both learning and teaching. He is all Norwegian.

Electronics and Reviewing

Ron Wenzel
Ron Wenzel
Ron currently studies towards a M.Sc. in Computer Science at FU Berlin. He has experience in Computer Engineering, PCB design, and embedded systems. He had worked for several years in a research project at FU Berlin on wireless sensor networks.

Management and Finance

Anastasiya Dykyy
Anastasiya has a M.Sc. in Molecular Medicine from NTNU, Trondheim. She speaks six languages and has expertise in managing teams and writing project proposals.