The CPT-SCOPE flight campaign

  • Posted on: 12 October 2015
  • By: michael

On October the 10th at 11:30 LT (09:30 UTC) the BEXUS 20 launched from Esrange Space Center in Kiruna Sweden. In beautiful weather the balloon reached a good floating altitude at a height of 28km for a distance more than 100km before the balloon was cut over the forest in Lapland.

The balloon and the CPT-SCOPE was closely followed by our ground team (Timo, Julian, Anton and Lucas) who received part of our data at our mission control and even got a picture of the balloon from the ground station 100km away!

The Gondola came in for a harsh landing and will most lightly not be flying ever again. Some stabilization straps ripped into pieces and the whole cage is bent. But on the positive side the CPT-SCOPE instrument is mostly intact and the first analysis of the data looks good. The data logger shows that It recorded data for a total of 25 hours.


For now, it is time to end a successful flight campaign. The CPT-SCOPE team is looking forward to begin analyzing the data over the next couple of weeks and prepare for our data presentation.


Again we would like to thank all our sponsors who made our participation in the BEXUS 20 campaign possible.
Especially IDEAS (Integrated Detector Electronics AS) our main project sponsor who supported us throughout the whole mission and all our financial supporters!

As always best from the CPT-SCOPE team,