Final manufacturing

  • Posted on: 15 September 2015
  • By: michael

All of the CPT-SCOPE instrument has now gone into a manufacturing phase. The list of parts to be manufactured is quite impressive. A single particle telescope sensor consists of 18 parts, not counting electronics. This means that our entire instrument consists of 53 separate parts.

For the CPT-SCOPE we challenged ourselves to manufacture all of the non standard components. For this we will use milling machines, drill presses and bending machines as well as various tools such as center punches and height reissers to their best in order to precisely manufacture our components.

Thanks to Siemens Professional Education (SPE) and their staff as well as our colleague Hendrik B├╝ttner we were able to achieve the tremendous goal of manufacturing all essential components within four days.


After we assembled everything we were pleased with the result. Everything came together just right. For the past weeks we have been verifying the manufactured components and eliminating minor manufacturing errors as well as adapting components to necessary changes based on testing and verification results of electrical components.


As always best from the CPT-SCOPE team,