Our Project:

The Cosmic Particle Telescope (CPT-SCOPE) is a compact radiation monitor measuring particle fluxes in different environments. The monitoring of energetic sub-atomic particles in space or the atmosphere could be used to give rise to scientific knowledge in a wide range of fields such as physics, planetary science and metrology. This instrument will, in addition, be an important milestone towards a European compact radiation monitor for small satellites. Such an instrument will be an important contribution to ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment in space where they are exposed to a harsh conditions.

This project has a dual purpose: Firstly, demonstration technology showing the capabilities of Norwegian radiation-hard integrated circuit technology. A successful instrument implementation will show the technological readiness for (near) space applications. We also plan to test the particle telescope geometry in our instrument. This is a absorber-sensor stack which will determine the particle species and energy. Secondly, gaining knowledge on the energy distribution and fluxes of various particle types in the stratosphere which are currently not well known. Measurements of the CPT-SCOPE may help to gain more insight into this matter.

Our mission:

CPT-SCOPE shall measure the variable flux of energetic subatomic particles in the stratosphere while demonstrating the capabilities of a new radiation-hard ASIC regarding future space missions.